Over the next ten years, wave after wave of drug resistant bacteria will sweep the planet, killing millions. The onslaught has already started, and modern medicine doesn't have anything in the pipeline that can stop it


Dear Health-Savvy Friend,

Why aren't you infection-proof - even after several million years of human evolution? Because bacteria and viruses are mutating faster than your immune system can adapt. That's why the discovery of antibiotics was so significant, they give your immune system disease-fighting weapons your body can't develop fast enough on its own...
But today, bacterial and viral threats to your health are mutating into even more powerful, drug-resistant strains - and many conventional immunologists seem powerless against these killers. What will you do tomorrow, when hyper-adaptable pathogens render modern prescription antibiotics useless?

Are you relying on yesterday's intelligence in your ongoing war against infection?

What you need to know that most mainstream doctors don't is that the world is full of safe, natural substances that can help boost your immunity and keep you healthy, resilient, and strong in the face of tomorrow's ever-changing threats to your health. But you can't reap the benefits of these amazing breakthroughs if you don't know about them...
That's why we've compiled a special report called Boost Your Immune System. In it, you'll find all the proven immunity-boosting secrets uncovered by health editor, Rachael Linkie, over the years. Everything you need to know about increasing your natural resistance and resiliency for vibrant good health - today and tomorrow - is included.
And right now, we're making this potentially life-saving report available to you for less than the costs most pay at the doctor's office...

Discover powerful disease fighters - ones you'll never learn about at your doctor's office

In this report you will discover dozens of safe, natural ways to supercharge your immune system and help treat specific ailments linked to a weak immune system, including:

You can’t underestimate the importance of a strong immune system. It could have many more benefits than simply helping you avoid days spent in bed with aching joints, a sore throat and a raging fever. You could suddenly discover you have much more energy. Your general well-being will improve. You’ll feel happier, friendlier and get a lot more out of life.
Because when your immune system is weak, your body is working overtime to fight off the bacteria and viruses it comes into contact with every day. That can leave you feeling tired and sluggish for no apparent reason.
You see, your immune system works as your body’s radar screen.
It constantly scans your body for antigens (foreign substances like bacteria or viruses). If the antigens aren’t detected nice and early, your body has to do double the work to prevent them from taking hold.

Do you suffer from these 5 signs of a weak immune system?

It’s not hard to tell if you’re suffering from a weak immune system. Tiredness or sluggishness is just one of the symptoms.
Always suffering from a slightly blocked or runny nose is another. Regularly having dry skin or spots, persistent coughing and insomnia are also signs your body’s defences aren’t operating at their optimum levels.
If you do suffer from these symptoms, don’t worry, you’re not the only one…
In today’s high-speed society it’s harder than ever to maintain a strong immune system. You’re constantly under attack from factors that affect your body’s defences - stress, pollution, cell phone radiation, poor diet, even antibiotics are putting an ever-increasing burden on your body’s defences.
That’s why the report I mentioned is so crucial to your continued health. It reveals simple ways to stay at the peak of health without dramatically changing your lifestyle.Bottom of Form

In fact, you could put some of them into action, just by making a few changes to your weekly shopping list…

Why a trip to the supermarket could help you feel 10 years younger

The report suggests dozens of foods you could add to your diet to push the strength of your immune system to new levels, including:

These aren’t obscure foods, they’re available at your local supermarket. And the benefits can be amazing – after just a few weeks of eating these foods you could feel invigorated and alive again.
Just think what you’ll be able to do with all that new energy – take up a new hobby, visit your friends and family more often, get more done at work. It’ll take ten years off your age! You could feel so much happier and much more alive…
And the report doesn’t just stop at what foods to eat. It also tells you how to cook them to ensure your immune system is getting maximum benefit from all those powerful nutrients.
You’ll be surprised by the findings!

Turn Your Immune System Into a Fortress! While the other guy gets slowed down with colds and flus, you’ll be going strong.

But this report isn’t just about preventing illness. It also explains what to do if you are unlucky enough to succumb to one of the mutant bacteria I’ve mentioned…
After all, there’s nothing worse than lying in bed with your whole body aching, so bunged up you can’t speak and relying on medicine that doesn’t do anything to treat the causes of the problem – it just relieves the symptoms.
That doesn’t have to happen any longer. In this fascinating report, you’ll read natural remedy after natural remedy for slashing the time it takes to recover from cold and flu, including:

You see, you can no longer rely on antibiotics to treat your illnesses – as we’ve seen from superbug infections like one that killed 21 babies recently in KwaZulu Natal…

You won’t find all this information anywhere else

This information isn’t easy to come by, I can tell you.
After all, mainstream doctors aren’t taught about natural remedies at medical school. And once your GP is battling with an oversubscribed surgery, he doesn’t have the time to keep up to date with all the advances in natural medicine.
You won’t learn much from newspapers or magazines either. They only cover the latest ‘fad’ – and, as I’m sure you know, what’s in fashion isn’t necessarily the best thing for you.
That’s why you need to seize the initiative.
Don’t let doctors put you off natural remedies just because they didn’t read about them in medical school. Mainstream medicine still has a lot to learn…and you shouldn’t suffer because they haven’t got time to do the necessary research!


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I urge you to order your copy of Boost Your Immune System today. The simple steps in the report could see you become healthier, happier and more energised in a matter of weeks – that’s why the R249.95 it’s selling for is such great value. 

Remember, illnesses are getting worse at an alarming rate. Superbug infections are taking hold in our hospitals and it’s only a matter of time before the next SARS (or similar virulent flu-strain) arrives on the scene. Make sure you’ve done everything possible to protect your body from this threat – order your copy of Boost Your Immune System today!


To your good health,

Antoinette Pombo

P.S: Viruses and bacteria are getting stronger...  fast. They're mutating into antibiotic and drug-resistant strains at a rate never before envisioned by doctors or scientists. What works now in the war against disease and infection may well prove ineffective in the years to come. Guarantee your copy.

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